Safe Disposal of Your IT Assets - Indemnifying You from Any Liability

icon-peace-of-mindThere are numerous risks associated with disposing of IT equipment, including liabilities resulting from data breach, improper disposal and physical theft. Impulse Technology specializes in safely disposing of your IT assets and ensures you’re protected by indemnifying you from any liability related to these threats.

Impulse provides you with peace of mind, offering DOD and NATO compliant data erasure, hard drive wiping and physical destruction by shredding as well as responsible recycling that emphasizes a zero-landfill policy. Once the asset disposition project is complete, we provide you with a serialized audit report that includes a complete inventory of make, serial number, model and configuration of all machines. We also remove any identifying marks, client references and asset tags to ensure equipment or scraps can never be tracked back to you or your customers.

Impulse is pleased to provide proof of service records including Indemnification, Data Erasure and Equipment Destruction certificates upon request. Our responsible recycling process is R2 and ISO14001 certified.

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