Quality Assurance

Impulse’s 12-Point Quality Assurance Process

All equipment remarketed through Impulse Technology goes through a strict Quality Assurance Process. This thorough inspection ensures your equipment arrives in working condition and is configured and tested to your specifications.

  1. When equipment arrives in our state-of-the-art warehouse and testing facility, packaging is inspected to ensure no damage to the exterior of the package occurred in transit.

  2. Packaged equipment that is in satisfactory condition is immediately unpacked and routed into the Quality Assurance Process.

  3. Initial testing is focused on a complete external inspection of equipment. Products and parts are thoroughly examined for any physical defects or marks and equipment appearing to be in good physical condition is advanced to the next step.

  4. Manufacturer stickers and markings are surveyed, physical ports are checked, all chassis are considered to be in good condition and power supplies and connectors are scanned for any physical damage.

  5. Once the external physical examination is complete, equipment moves into the internal inspection process, which begins with an internal damage check. All connectors; fan tray, DIMM and compact flash slots; daughter cards and power supplies are checked for damage or missing components.

  6. Equipment is inspected for any loose screws or plastic, all cables are present and properly routed, onboard chips and capacitors are in good condition and nothing is missing or broken on the motherboard. And, the Interior is cleared of any dust by using an air compressor.

  7. Upon completion of the Internal inspection, equipment moves on to the Technical Inspection Phase of Quality Assurance. This phase begins with confirmation that all lights illuminate as required and power-on tests are completed without errors.

  8. We then check component status, test physical configuration against technical configuration, layer 2 and 3 testing and test for daughter card functionality.

  9. We then test redundancy if applicable, port functionality, conduct an anti-counterfeit check and test all slots and replace with inventory if necessary.

  10. Power supplies are then tested, the system is checked for thermal events and fans and trays are identified as complete and functional.

  11. A copy of the testing capture is then attached and stored on the network drive and included with each device.

  12. Finally, we ensure that all items include any necessary power cords.

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