A Single Vendor for All Off-Lease Equipment

icon-Simplified-LifeImpulse offers a full range of End-of-Lease services that were developed to minimize the burden imposed on you and your lessees. Our best-in-class audit, testing and configuration services and facility feature multi-manufacturer and cross-platform capabilities rarely found in the industry. This expansive expertise allows you to go to one single vendor for all equipment included in a lease return, greatly simplifying the process.

We supply monthly inventory management settlements and data security reports that include information on residual position status and insight into your warehoused equipment. As an added bonus, we track your off-lease dates so you don’t have to.

Should your customer desire, Impulse also offers you increased margin opportunities with added-value logistics services that you can offer to your customers. From traveling to lessee locations to pack and palletizing equipment to shipping and transport, we make the process as simple as possible for your customers.

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