Price, Availability and Repeated Ability to Deliver Are My Primary Concerns

brokerImpulse is immediately available to supply quality refurbished equipment at competitive prices, providing Brokers and Wholesalers with maximum markup opportunities and higher profitability. Our vast inventory and network of technology wholesalers allows us to fulfill your customer requirements for multi-vendor, cross-platform equipment on time and on budget.


Having testing and configuration experts on site in our state-of-the-art warehouse facility ensures quality control and orders shipped within hours or days. Shipping properly configured and tested equipment the first time minimizes time wasted on product exchanges and customer dissatisfaction.

Additionally, our ability to provide everything from enterprise to distributed technology allows you to consolidate vendors and invoices, greatly simplifying the product acquisition process.

In business for over 10 years, Impulse has a proven track record for creating lasting partnerships with our valued customers, routinely finding Impulse as the first responder to submit quotes for equipment requests. Our account managers represent the highest professionalism and industry expertise, which ensures a quality experience with every transaction.

A simple, one-stop solution for meeting customer hardware requirements at a competitive price.

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